We’ve been away, here’s what we’ve been up to..

We’ve been away, here’s what we’ve been up to..

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Mysterious things have been happening behind the curtain at Haus of Nomads! We’re sorry to have kept you out of the loop for so long, but we’re finally back and in a place to get you up to speed ????

So everyone knows change takes time, right? But more often than not, we don’t give change enough space in our lives to do the work it needs to get done right.  The first part of our year was a lot that.. too much that needed to just get done and not enough time to process the big changes that were happening for us.

With a little bit of time and focus over the past few weeks, we’ve been able to begin digesting some of the change we’ve been through – closing down our US business, packing up life (in every sense of the imagination) and preparing for a new life back in Europe.  So it’s through this meditative place that we wanted to share with you some of the inspiring places that Boston has unveiled to us over the past year while undertaking these big shifts in our lives.

MIT Chapel Interior

Take this small, unassuming chapel at MIT.  Eero Saarinen mastered the creation of a non-denominational space that has the ability to inspire the uninspired.  It reminds us of the serene beauty that Scandinavian churches offer – cutting out the excess and by doing so, allowing visitors to breathe and get a bit closer to what’s actually going on inside their own heart and mind.

MIT Chapel Exterior