Road Less Traveled – NEW YEARS CHANGES

Road Less Traveled – NEW YEARS CHANGES

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We’ve got some changes on the immediate horizon, but we wanted to share a bit of background to help put things into context.

So as it turns out, living overseas for over a decade and trying to return home is harder than it sounds. We’re not talking logistically, but instead about how you and your worldview change so dramatically that you no longer connect with your former home. And how the things you grew to love in what were previously foreign countries are now so much a part of you that it feels like part of your lifeblood has been taken away from you. It is coming from this deep, personal space that we have made the incredibly tough decision to move back to Europe in just over a year of being back. So with a touch of sadness and a whole lot of excitement, we will be closing up shop in the US, with plans to reopen in a new European destination. It’ll take us a bit to get settled, but don’t worry, we’ll take you along on our adventures on the way.

In staying true to our namesake, we hope to inspire a similar nomadic spirit in our followers and customers. Have no fear, such drastic changes aren’t required! The nomadic spirit that drives us is more about listening to what the deep thumping of your heart is telling you, weigh up your options and consciously make a decision. If taking a risk or doing something you normally wouldn’t do is ultimately what is going to make you happiest, feel fulfilled and honest in your own life, then actively choose to venture into the unknown and own it – all of the highs and the lows, make it yours no matter if that decision comes to bite you later on down the road, because ultimately it was your decision that you took full responsibility for and learned a hell of a lot along the way!

So it is with these thoughts that we’d like to leave you as we all head into a New Year which brings a clear opportunity to make small but significant changes that can have magnificent impacts in our day-to-day.

Here’s to 2018!