Giving Back

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We are living in interesting times, but we all must carry on in the best way we can. As a small business who supports creative makers, this crisis will directly impact us both in challenging ways, but we still think it's important in times like these to give back.

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Creating Calm in Times of Crisis

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People quarantined, flights grounded, schools closed, commerce upset across the globe, governments trying to prevent economic disaster. Sounds like a real horror story we're living these days! But even with this current challenge, we must not let fear get in the way and instead take the time to figure out what we really need to gain stability that the outer world just can't bring us right now.

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Riding Big Waves

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We were lucky enough to have caught some of the recent big wave surfing in Nazaré . It left us thinking about how many big waves (big challenging dreams) all of us collectively are chasing after every single day. There are days where the waves are small but steady, other days the waves aren't anywhere to be seen, but those days when the big waves come in.. those are the days you don't want to miss!

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Our Lisbon Favorites

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We collaborated with travel photographer, Cattie Coyle, to share with you how we love to experience Lisbon..

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Set sail on your own adventure

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We've been talking a lot about slow living and creating a deeper connection in the world you live within throughout social media because it hits home in the most direct sense with us. Slowing things down and appreciating the world we live within seems quite simple, but it can be harder than it sounds.

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