Giving Back

Giving Back

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We are living in interesting times, but we all must carry on in the best way we can. For us that means we will keep creating from home and making a difference despite the challenges we face.

We stayed away from talking about our business through social media over the past few weeks. It just didn’t feel right with so much uncertainty and lives being impacted in so many ways. Today, however, we wanted to share that we are taking care of our customers by delivering upon orders in the safest possible way. And as a small business who supports creative makers, this crisis will directly impact us both in challenging ways, but we still think it’s important in times like these to give back. Over the next 2 months, for every €20 Euros spent, €2 will be donated to Project HOPE. Project HOPE has been working around the clock since January distributing urgently needed protective equipment to healthcare workers around the globe who have been impacted by the Coronavirus.

We believe in doing business that has a positive impact on those around us and we hope you’ll help us spread the word. Share with friends who love design and are looking for ways to give back. For those who are able to, help us help others in this time of crisis!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong.. #wearestrongtogether