Haus of Nomads Lifestyle Shot with notebook and rings

Haus of Nomads shares the feeling that European design elicits through its simple yet stunning design. We hand select our products from the finest independent designers and brands and invite people in our community to enjoy the relaxed urban lifestyle we represent. 

Brand Creators

Cristina & Rebecca are a design & architect duo who have been on the go since day one. As bi-nationals, living and traveling abroad since their early days has given them a taste for life lived differently. Their curiosity has driven them to seek out the most unique places and items in their travels around the world. 

Together, their lives beat to the same drum. They experience life through the intersection of design and travel. They believe that good design is something that should be enjoyed in the everyday and that travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world.

Want to see more about where we’ve been and places we like? Check out an interview we did for Herb Lester.