Riding Big Waves

Riding Big Waves

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We were lucky enough to have caught some of the recent big wave surfing in Nazaré. The waves we saw were upwards of 12-15 meters (40-50 feet), so they were definitely the real deal!!

It left us thinking about how many big waves (big challenging dreams) all of us collectively are chasing after every single day. There are days where the waves are small but steady, other days the waves aren’t anywhere to be seen, but those days when the big waves come in.. those are the days you don’t want to miss!

But how often are we sitting on our surf board waiting, just waiting for the right wave to come along? Or paralyzed by fear or our own lofty expectations of what we should be capable of, we come back at the end of the day not having attempted to ride any wave at all.

Today is a special day for Americans, one of giving thanks. We are thankful for the waves we’ve ridden and for the things we’ve learned by facing our fears in chasing waves we weren’t yet able to ride. We hope you too catch some of your own big waves and feel the whole range of emotions that come along with it. Here’s to dreams and the journeys they take us on! ?

People look at Big Wave in Nazare