Riding Big Waves

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We were lucky enough to have caught some of the recent big wave surfing in Nazaré . It left us thinking about how many big waves (big challenging dreams) all of us collectively are chasing after every single day. There are days where the waves are small but steady, other days the waves aren't anywhere to be seen, but those days when the big waves come in.. those are the days you don't want to miss!

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Our Lisbon Favorites

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We collaborated with travel photographer, Cattie Coyle, to share with you how we love to experience Lisbon..

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We’ve been away, here’s what we’ve been up to..

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The first part of our year was filled with too much that needed to just get done and not enough time to process the big changes that were happening for us. With a bit of time and focus, we've begun digesting some of the change we've been through. It's through this meditative place that we wanted to share inspiring places that Boston unveiled to us over the past year while undertaking these big shifts in our lives.

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Road Less Traveled – NEW YEARS CHANGES

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We've got some changes on the immediate horizon, but we wanted to share a bit of background to help put things into context.

So as it turns out, living overseas for over a decade and trying to return home is harder than it sounds. We’re not talking logistically, but instead about how you and your worldview change so dramatically that you no longer connect with your former home.

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Interview with Kirsty Thomas from Tom Pigeon

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To share further insight into the designers & makers who create the lovely goods in our shop, we're kicking off a series of interviews by connecting with Kirsty Thomas. She's one half of the creative duo who founded Tom Pigeon. Their modern prints and stationery frequently use simple shapes, but each piece evokes a connection to the unique places where they draw their inspiration. Kirsty shares with us more about her inspiration and insight into how living in Scotland impacts their designs.

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