Set sail on your own adventure

Set sail on your own adventure

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We’ve been talking a lot about slow living and creating a deeper connection in the world you live within throughout social media because it hits home in the most direct sense with us.

Slowing things down and appreciating the world we live within seems quite simple, but it can be harder than it sounds. From having too much going on that you can’t or are not willing to give up, to once you do slow down, getting scared that things won’t work out as you expected because life works at a different pace than you’re used to.

It’s this later part that we wanted to get real with you. We’ve turned the notches way down on life and do have those fears that creep in wanting to tear down everything we’ve built. So like everyone who has put so much on the line for their lives, we’ve got to be honest in saying that we don’t know exactly what the world has in store for us, but we keep showing up. We’re putting in the work, slowing our minds and expectations down, and know that goodness will continue to head our way in some shape or form. Again it may not be what we expect or have planned for, but if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that openings are made for those who show up.

So our advice to you today is to make your plans, do the work, jump on that boat and set sail with what you know you need to do in your life. We all have doubts, questions and fears, but don’t let them dominate you or your life!

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