Set sail on your own adventure

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We've been talking a lot about slow living and creating a deeper connection in the world you live within throughout social media because it hits home in the most direct sense with us. Slowing things down and appreciating the world we live within seems quite simple, but it can be harder than it sounds.

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A New Start in Europe

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Ever found that the road you're on in life is taking a winding path that is flat out longer than you anticipated? Been there, done that and still on the journey!! So the past two years have really done a number on us - from moving back home to the US to set-up a business after a decade abroad to realizing that it was not the right long-term move for us after all and needing to come up with a Plan B pretty quickly. Our Plan B has not come without its challenges, but overall we can't complain as moving to Lisbon and focusing on setting up shop here has touched us in known and unexpected ways.

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