TwoTowel – Green


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The TwoTowel is a ‘new’ kitchen product inspired by two existing products, commonly used next to each other.

When hanging the TwoTowel in the middle; one side can be used as a towel to dry your hands, while the other side functions as a tea towel to do the dishes!

Material: 100% cotton
Dimensions: L 100 x W 57 cm  (L 39.4 x W 22.4 in)
Designer: Anieke Branderhorst
Development: in cooperation with IXX – Jolijn Fiddelaers

How it’s made – What’s particularly special about the TwoTowel is its production process where two different kinds of fabrics, normally produced on two different machines, are now intertwined in one towel. As a result, the colors and functions literally flow over in each other as a well-designed gradient in color and pile-height.


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